Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ev!

My husband turned 27 today! He's amazing, and I am so glad that he is know, that he was born. :) What's crazy is to think that at this point I have known him for almost half of his life! What's even crazier is to think about how in 27 more years we will still be together and it will be really difficult to remember parts of life without each other. I am excited for that though.
Evan says that today was an "epic" birthday! :) I enjoyed it a lot too. First, he went to IHOP with Joe and Elliot while I went to a tea breakfast at my boss's garden (awesome!). Then we all headed down to pay a visit to Mama Gilmore, which didn't last too long before we headed off to our next stop --> Stillwater Float. The guys got to have a flotation therapy experience, while Elliot and I hit up Barnes & Noble and PetSmart. The flotation therapy is supposed to be excellent for people with chronic pain or stress and the guys said it was definitely very relaxing.
We then went to The Journey - a great prime rib, chinese, and sushi buffet on 96th Street. Even Elliot ate a great lunch there. After that, we set off for Fry's and got a couple goodies for the birthday boy there. And then we proceeded to head home in a torrential downpour!
Finally safe and sound in our home, we enjoyed a great time with pound cake, berries and custard and opened gifts with family. Evan and Joe wrapped up the day with a new Futurama episode and now my dear husband is assembling his new grill in our kitchen.
As I look around my home, I see a crayola keyboard, paper plates and plastic cups, birthday cards on the mantel, and books on the floor - the vestiges of a day very well spent!
Happy birthday, babe!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

RAW Milk

Well, we're doing it! We just bought our herd share and received our first gallon and a half of raw milk yesterday. We joined a dairy farm in Decatur, IN....Pasture's Delights. The owner there took me on a tour of the farm. I got to meet the Ayrshire cows that I'm getting my milk from and walk through and by some of the fields where they graze. They have a great FAQs section on their website here and here's another site with some info. You can also find a ton of information just by searching for it.


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