Friday, November 27, 2009

My son...

(Elliot recovering on Thanksgiving break!)
...has a great sense of humor! Those of you that know him, know that Elliot is a clever little fellow that can raise one eyebrow at you with the best of them. However, you know this about him when he is his chipper healthy self.
Sadly, we've all been feeling under the weather over this Thanksgiving break, especially little Elliot. Thankfully, I think he just has a cold. No fever, but an awfully runny nose and horrid cough. We've been taking baths and sitting in steamy showers with eucalyptus, tea tree and spearmint oils, wiping his nose with tissues until it's now dry and raw (don't you hate that?!), and of course, since he can't blow his nose, we've had to use a bulb syringe and saline drops and aspirate (a.k.a. suck the snot out) every night. He HATES it! He's such a good sport when he's sick too. A little trooper of a dude! But it's been difficult for him to sleep and drink his bottles (the ones the doctor says we should be weaning him off of...actually, our doctor said we should just stop - cold turkey. Just throw out all the bottles....but that's another story). Anyway, at least twice a day for four days of squirting in a couple drops of saline in and sucking all the snot out. Lovely, huh? I can understand why he doesn't like it. He fights with the strength of ten toddlers, I swear. Thankfully, my mother gave me a headlock tip before I left. Hold his arms and body still with one arm, and immobilize his head with the other arm, in which hand you hold the snot-sucker. (I'm sure any ignorant bystanders would question my parenting skills if they only saw my son and I during these tousles.)
Tonight we had a spa night, breathing in the steam and essential oils from the shower, before we got ready for bed. Then pajamas....then a drink....then ibuprofen (did I mention he has a tooth breaking through too? poor baby)...then time for the nose job. He sucked it all out, did a great job, he swore at me in his Elliot way, and then we settled down to watch some tv and eat some bread pudding.
About thirty minutes later, Elliot crawls to the end of the bed, picks up the saline drops, crawls back and starts trying to shove them up my nose...I guess I didn't realize how much I was sniffling. Not only that, but then he would yell, "AHH!" as if imitating himself, raise his eyebrow and laugh at me. He repeated this about five or six times. And yes, I let him stick the thing up my nose, after all, it's only fair! Don't you think?
He was actually able to drink his whole bottle before bed for the first time in several days and is now sleeping and breathing through his nose. Looks like we might be on the upswing!....Just in time to go back to work.

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Heather & Nathan said...

I'm so sad that my little buddy was sick over Thanksgiving. However, I'm very glad to hear he is feeling so much better.


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