Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So...An Update

Hello internet world! Nice to see you again. Blogging has been put on the back-burner for the past two weeks as I've dealt with the joys and struggles of building a home entertainment computer (or supporting Ev while he builds it), having a father-in-law in the hospital (who is now out of the hospital and gaining some strength back), weeding flower beds (YAY!!!), putting together a business plan (I'm going to tear my hair out soon...it's taking soooo long), and having a little boy with crazy pussy stuff coming out of his eye (poor little guy). But amidst all of this, two very funny things happened yesterday.
First, I went to the eye doctor who asked me if it "messed me up" when they dilated my eyes. I though about it for a second and since it was gross and gray out, I said, "No, it only messes with me if it's really bright." Are you kidding me?! NEVER say that. Who doesn't it mess with to have their eyes dilated?! I mean, they put these drops in your eyes that magically make your pupils like 5 times their normal size for the rest of the day! Of course that's going to mess you up. I thought I was doing fine, until I put my glasses back on to leave and drive to work and my glasses actually made it worse. So I didn't wear any vision correcting apparatus all day, which messed up my depth perception immensely, and probably made people think I had been drinking, which isn't exactly the best impression to give off when you work where I work. It was crazy. The whole time I was driving...in the grayness, mind you...I was thinking, "This would make a really good Seriously Now?!" That's how ridiculous it was. I'm pretty sure that if I would have started howling, any dog could have come up, taken one look at me and been like, "Oh yeah, she's one of us."
Second, my son is warrior! I LOVE IT! Last night was one of the first times I saw this gleam in his eyes. Now, Elliot has been defiant, rebellious and independent before. I've heard those yells, as well as his screams of pain and very loud, "MOMOMOMOM" when something is just not working right. But last night was the first time I heard his warrior cry.
We were sitting at the dinner table and Elliot had finished eating, so I took him out of his high chair and set him on the chair next to me so that he could still talk with us. He grabbed a canister of compressed air (the kind that you clean computers with) and started examining it. Then with a gleam in his eye and a smirk on his face he pointed it at Evan and said, "Eh?" To which of course we asked him what he was doing. This was met by him pointing it at each person at the table, with each person he pointed it at, he would give a little more umph to the pointing of the compressed air and his "Eh?" changed to an "AAh!" and continuously increased in volume. We finally realized he was shooting us with the gun. Evan got another can of compressed air and started shooting back at him. He thought this was absolutely hilarious and started to really get into the whole thing. Then he got that gleam in his eye, tilted back and shook his little head and yelled, "Doe, DIE! AAH!" (for those of you that need translation, this means "Joe, DIE! AAH!") We all died...laughing. And then we went into the living room to continue the battle. It was great! :)
So I get my new glasses and contact next week. It's going to be crazy at work and I got really good news about some friends and their baby that's coming in July! Congrats Heironimi! We love you!

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