Sunday, June 13, 2010

To Catch Up

After not posting for awhile, I feel the need to catch up and then hopefully I can be a bit more consistent about this blogging business. Because, you know...I do enjoy it and it is one of the few ways that I keep track of what has happened.
SO. The past few weeks have been super busy and incredibly fun! Let's start with the end of May, shall we? Over Memorial Day weekend we were able to go on an extended weekend vacation. First we went down and visited Mama and Papa Gilmore. The two days with them were filled with fun things - such as, visited to Grandmother Gilmore's to herd baby ducks, swimming and train rides (definitely doing that again!). Then we went on up to Winona Lake for a couple days hosted by our great friend Joe. Fun things included geocaching, tubing, ice cream, and boating (with Elliot saying "woohoo" for most of his first boat ride and being very concerned about people falling off the tubes for most of his second boat ride - he kept saying "Hepp! hepp!" because we were supposed to help them if they fell off...obviously!) Then we went a little bit farther up to Goshen and visited Prairie Trail Herb Farm to get some lavender!!! So fun! They had a plethora of lavender! We also picked up some patchouli....why? Because they had it, and it's cool. THEN! They had this health market right across the street where we were able to pick up a bunch of cool herbs for SUPER cheap, with which I made my first herbal tea! And it was actually good!
The following week was filled with Naturally Free prep to get ready for our first little festival at Stream Cliff Herb Farm. Let me just say that if you have never been to this place, you should DEFINITELY go! It is absolutely beautiful and we had great success there!
That was also the week of our first CSA pick-up! I LOVE our CSA....Victory Acres. And I've found a great website that helps me know what to do with all the stuff I get there. Check out the Crisper Whisperer on
This last week was Evan and I's anniversary week! It's been three years and he is still aMAZing!!! We kind of did a bunch of fun things throughout the week to celebrate, which was nice because then we didn't feel like we had to make sure to get everything in all in one day. I have some beautiful roses still blooming on my kitchen table...and a spa gift that is calling my name! :)

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Heather & Nathan said...

Yay for 3 years!!! I can't believe it has been that long for all of us!


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