Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Somma dat"

So...This morning Elliot wakes up asking for Bob the Builder, belly buttons and bubbles. I have no idea what this all means and he is very frustrated that I am seemingly so dense. We watch Bob the Builder and he settles down quite a bit and enjoys cuddling on our couch (our new-to-us-leather-couch!!!). Life is good.
I ask him if he wants any breakfast. He says "no, I watch a show." Okay, I'm going to return some Naturally Free emails. I go in the kitchen. Five minutes later, Evan comes in and grabs some pumpkin candies off the counter (his purchase, not mine). I say, "what are you doing?" His response is, "Elliot wants one."
Oh really? The child has had no breakfast! We're fantastic parents, can't you tell? So we get Elliot some breakfast, he wants bananas, raisins, and IKEA biscuits. Sounds good to me!
Fast forward two hours....Evan has gone to work and Elliot are on our way home from the CSA, where we have just picked up our beautiful, organic, local vegetables and honey. We get in the car and I ask Elliot what he would like to do for lunch.

Elliot - I have somma dat!
Me - You have some of what?
Elliot - I have somma dat, pweez!
Me - Some of what?
Elliot - I have somma dat cannie cone!
Me - Where do you see candy corn?
Elliot - White dare! (pointing to the floor)
Me - Oh dear. No. I don't think so bub!
Elliot - Mommy, where da sheep go?
Me - I don't know. Where did they go, bub?

Two questions for you: 1) how in the world did candy corn get on the floor of my car? I don't buy candy corn. I suspect, this was a "daddy purchase," because it was suspiciously tucked in between the seats and spilling onto the floor. 2) Since when did car floor candy corn become an acceptable lunch? I was willing to take the kid to get McDonalds (which is disheartening enough), but really? He would prefer somma dat car floor candy corn. Great!
And so my confidence in my parenting skills wanes as I realize that I am not that different from my husband. I grab a piece of candy corn (from the package!) and hand it to Elliot. "Tank you Mommy. I loves you so much! You wondaful." he says.
And my reliance on God's grace to cover my flaws as a parent and a person grows greater each day!

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