Saturday, October 23, 2010

Da Pirates and a Jungle Expedition!

So...I totally think that regardless of whether you "do" Halloween or not, we need to have a fun dress-up day for kids where they get treats. I'll be out of town next weekend, but since we're not bound to celebrating Halloween as a holiday, I'm thinking I'd like to get dressed up and go to pumpkin patch or orchard and have some of Elliot's little friends over to play. I found this giraffe costume at Old Navy that looked like it was going to rock, but THEN Elliot discovered the "Pirates that Don't Do Anything." Evan found this awesome ship-book-thing at Tree of Life and Elliot LOVES it. So this last week, at least three of our nights were spent playing pirates with our pirate hats.
Then fall break started and so did our spontaneous fun and jungle expeditions. Enjoy the pictures...
 Pirate Elliot & His Guitar
 Mommy Pirate, Sedgewick and George
 Pirate Elliot is ignoring Pirate Mommy
 Fall Toddler Feet
 Playin on the Slides ("on with the story" - Elliot)
 I tried to take about a dozen pictures of us together in the woods, and this was honestly the best one...pretty sad, huh?
A very brave Elliot traveling through the "jungle" on an "expedition" (yes, he used both of those words)
After braving the first expedition, the jungle warrior celebrated his victory and boldly headed back in declaring "a jungle esspedtion adinn!"

I love this boy!

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Kiernan said...

So adorable, Megan!


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