Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seriously Now?!

Someday, I swear I'm going to end up on the People of Walmart site. My son is just now laying down for his first nap of the day. Two days ago, he would just not go to sleep, so around 2:00 I figured something had to be done. He needed to be strapped down and forced into a baby nap coma. However, since most people don't look very kindly on roping your child down in their bed, I chose the more humane route of strapping him  into his car seat and heading to the store. Within seconds, he was out like a light. The whole way to the store, I was trying to think of ways that he could stay asleep longer. This little guy was tuckered and it just broke my heart to wake him up.
See, when he was little, I could just pop his little carrier in and out of the car. And as long as my jostling of this little bundle was minimal, he stayed asleep for the length of the shopping trip. Now, he's in a big guy car seat that I have to haul him in and out of. Seriously now?! Why has no one thought of a little pop out car seat solution for toddlers?! I'm sure almost everyone has had the unhappy experience of waking a sleeping toddler. I've seen these car seats with wheels on the back, the kind that you pull around like luggage at the airport. However, doesn't that just seem a little odd? Dragging your child behind you, strapped to a chair on wheels?
Here's a picture of one, courtesy of

Well, hey. That baby actually looks pretty happy. Maybe I could do something like that...just one problem, I don't have a whole lot of money in my bank account, it being the Christmas season at all. But being the DYI chick that I am, how about a little DYI action on this baby. I've got some bungee cords in the car and a large rolling suitcase in the garage. Surely, I can make something happen.
Here's the thing though, I was actually thinking through all these options in the car...on the way to the store. My son was literally snoring in the backseat. PLUS, we're trying to get rid of this bottle! Chances are he's going to wake up, start throwing a screaming fit in the store because he's going through formula withdrawal. And that's when it will happen. I'll start grabbing formula off the shelf, to put in a bottle from off the shelf, filled with Dasani water from the nearby cooler and someone will snap a picture. Yep. A picture of me, my baby strapped to a suitcase, and stolen formula. Seriously now?! There has to be a better way. Please save me from People of! Any suggestions for this new mother would be welcome....I think.

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