Monday, December 14, 2009


What a blessing of a day! I told Evan that today would be my hardest day this week and to just pray that I got through it well. While there were definitely highs and lows, let's speak of the highs, shall we?
I knocked out one final presentation, 2 final oral exams, one final Christmas party, and 1 worldchangers final exam today. PLUS! I got tons of grading done in the meantime.
A student sent me a very encouraging email....which was much needed.
I got a funny and affirming voicemail from my mom....also much needed.
When I got home, my husband made us supper, my son loved on me like crazy and learned out nutcrackers worked (he proceeded to pick up each one, open their mouth and yell "AH!!!"). Then we sat down as a family and watched a movie. I was able to put Elliot to sleep for the first time in about a week, because I didn't have to bring any grading home with me. And while Evan and he have had a great time with their pre-bedtime ticklefests, I've missed that cuddle time with my buddy.
God is so faithful! I hope that amidst your crazed days with lows and highs, that you can focus on the blessings, make the most of them and cherish your family too!

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