Friday, April 23, 2010

All Natural Baby Safe Dryer Bags

SO...ever since I started using Soap Nuts for my laundry (read info here and here), I've been trying to figure out a way to get my clothes to smell lovely and fresh. There were some suggestions on adding some essential oils to the muslin bag that I put the soap nuts in, but that didn't really work. And I didn't want to use dryer sheets, because they just coat my clothes with chemicals that irritate our skin.
But then I saw these HUGE fusible tea bags on From Nature with Love, where they say one of the uses is dryer bags. What?! What a stinkin' good idea! So I bought some lavender, chamomile, and orange peel (all safe for babies) from the Bulk Herb Store, and started experimenting.
My first bags last for about 5 loads, then the tea bag gets too thin to hold it any more but the herbs are still fragrant, so I can use it then in my pillowcases or dresser drawers. :) Here's how I made them:

Gilmore Baby-Safe All-Natural Dryer Bags

1/2 c orange peel (cut)
1/2 c chamomile flowers (german)
3/4 c lavender buds
12 drops each orange, chamomile, and lavender essential oils
5 Large Tea bags

Shake all ingredients in a tupperware container with a lid.
Scoop approx. 6 tablespoons of the herb mix into each Tea bag.
Throw in the dryer with your laundry.

The laundry (and our laundry room) smell great! I'm trying to see how I can get the bags to last for more than 4-5 loads, because a busted dryer bag is not a good thing. For now though, I'm very happy with this solution.

TIP: If you're still using dryer sheets because of static cling, just throw 1/4-1/2 cup apple cider vinegar in with your clothes during the rinse cycle of the wash. It gets rid of static like a charm and the vinegar smell completely dissipates when the laundry is dry. So here's the laundry routine --> Wash: Soap Nuts (oxygen bleach for nasty stains), Rinse: Apple Cider Vinegar, & Dry: Herb Dryer Bags. All-natural, gets rid of all dirt, bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and keeps your clothing looking and smelling great!


Joni said...

VERY nice!

Joni said...

What about sewing them into a very thin fabric bag?

megan said...

Yeah. I thought about that, but the herbs will at the most last 10 loads (from what I've read). So I was thinking of making a fabric pouch that I can trade the tea bags in and out of. Still experimenting :)

Heather & Nathan said...

You are a genius!!!


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