Friday, April 2, 2010

Cows, Antibiotics, and Plants

This week at the Gilmores has been quite eventful! Last Friday we picked up our cow from Seven Sons. It's now been divided among the masses and we've had steak and kabobs that are second to none this week! Evan and I both had strep throat starting this last weekend and we're pretty sure that Elliot has it now too. He'll be going to the doctor today to make sure it's nothing else. I've had to work late to of the three days I've gone in to work this week. Monday I stayed home sick and today we get off as a paid holiday!
However, despite the sickness and late nights, we have had some lovely things happen this week. Monday, Elliot was able to pick the first flower of spring from our yard - a daffodil. He treated it with the utmost care for about two hours and then he ripped it to shreds. Tuesday some of our Carmin Hall daughters came over for dinner and painting pots outside on the lawn to plant some african violets. We had a great time with them! And last night Elliot and I were invited over to the Smith's for a lovely patio dinner prepared by Sarah and Emily. Complete with a pretty tablecloth and cherry blossoms (or at least I think that's what they were) picked straight from the tree.
Two things though - first, my husband has been incredible this week! He's put so much effort into our home and into supporting me with my work craziness and sickness. Thanks a million, babe! Second, I have the most loving joyous son! He's fantastic and delights my heart to no end.
Here are a few pictures from the week! We're looking forward to a lovely weekend with Ev and Elliot today, Passover dinner at the Smiths tomorrow, and Easter dinner and an egg hunt here on Sunday! We hope you and your family have an awesome weekend celebrating our risen and alive Savior and King.


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Sarah said...

Elliot and I found a lady bug out in the yard, and it went down just like the daffodil situation. I was holding it, and he was saying, "bug! bug!" Then he wanted to hold it, so he pinched it gently and it started crawling around on his finger. I said, "Be nice, buddy. Be gentle, okay?" So he took his other finger and crushed it. Thankfully I was able to make it "fly" away, and there were no tears.


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