Monday, May 30, 2011

The Couples Wedding Shower

I have not been posting on here for awhile because I've been working on preparing for my little brother's wedding and wedding shower. The shower was this weekend and it was delightful. Apart from a bit of rain toward the end, everything went very well. I wish I could give a start to finish of what we did and how each thing was made...but honestly, that would just take too long and I doubt any of my 20 readers would care. :) So instead, I'll just give you a synopsis and show you some pictures from the day.

Synopsis: Will and Bethany Joy are getting married, and Evan and I hosted a shower to make sure they felt loved, special, and celebrated! The invites went out a little late, but they were pretty cool.

In the invite, everyone was made aware that they should where their "most splendid hat" to the shower. It was very fun to see all the different hats and personalities! Evan was in charge of food and we had lavender lemonade, sparkling peach tea, mini spice and brownie cupcakes with cute cream cheese frosting on top, veggies with dip and hummus, cream puffs, pinwheels, and PB&J sandwiches. My parents were gracious enough to let us have the shower in their yard (and house). Friends and family were invited and we had a grand total of 104 people come to the shower. It was lovely!

The Groom and Bride

Opening gifts

My mother and father-in-law....I love them! :)

Chalkboard A-frame sign to greet the guests as they arrived - decorated by Emily!

Centerpieces/prizes for game winners - snapdragons in biodegradable pots with excerpts from Isaiah 62.

Juggling Jesse...probably Elliot's favorite part!
Grandma and Elliot - I think this looks like a Norman Rockwell painting or something.

3 beautiful and very helpful bridesmaids

Pin the Boutonniere on the Groom (flags made by yours truly).
The groom with some groomsmen.

Grabbing a bite of the great food!
The bride trying her luck at this crazy thing.

Groom, bridesmaid, and ring bearer.

Elliot and his "Joyee"

Yay...more beautiful gifts!

Collecting the "He Said...She Said" game. You can find a tutorial here.
"Grading" He Said...She Said with Caleb the Cheater

"The Bouquet Toss"

Guests in their splendid hats.

The HOSTS! :)....I love my husband!!!

**NOTE: Most of these lovely pictures were taken by Emily Rose Brookshire. The rest were taken by some bridesmaids and groomsmen.**

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Teichrib said...

Oh Megan this so reminded me of a day in Avonlea. Right out of Anne of Green Gables. What a beautiful setting.
I wish will so much we could have been there.
Could you and Evan please throw me a shower just for the heck of it?

LOve you
Lady Teichrib


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