Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things to Check Out...

...because they are AWESOME!!!

1) Sherwin Williams ColorSnap app for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. This app takes a picture of anything, matches it, gives you a color palette of similar, contrasting or coordinating colors, then allows you to save your color palette. Very cool!

2)The Academy for Global Citizenship is probably the coolest elementary school I have seen or heard of. On the south side of Chicago. These kids learn about science, math, art, nutrition, etc by growing their own food and plants, plus so much more.

3) Pinterest.com. If you haven't checked this out already...GO NOW! You can look up just about anything and see a bunch of pictures and ideas that other people have "pinned" that are interested in the same thing. I think it is awesome for brainstorming and finding new interesting sites and such. Lots of DIY, vintage, and just plain pretty stuff.

4) EarthEats is a weekly podcast with a website about the latest in sustainable agriculture and local food. It has great recipes, resources and local and national food news. Their most recent episode was about summer grilling with some great herby drinks. Taking center stage?...Lavender lemonade, Sage Apple Infusion, and Sour Cherry Fizz! YUM!

Yeah. I think that's it for now! :)
OH...except, Thursday is my last full-time day at IWU! Then I get to spend 3 months with this little man. SO EXCITED! We're going to learn to read and swim and speak Spanish...and we're going to play a LOT!


20lbsby2years said...

Holy crap high aspirations for a 2 year olds summer!
I like the new look btw!

Megan Gilmore said...

More like high aspirations for me this summer. The child is already spelling and counting in Spanish. I just need to stay caught up!


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