Saturday, March 28, 2009

Carmindy - Get Positively Beautiful

For most women, it seems that we enjoy finding out new ways to take care of ourselves. Isn't it crazy how a new shade of lip gloss or just changing our shampoo can give our confidence such a boost?
I am a sucker for the "Ten Tips" in numerous magazines on hair, makeup, nutrition, etc, and I have always liked how Carmindy works on TLC's What Not To Wear. So, I asked for her book this last Christmas.
Let me just say, this girl rocks! In a society where women are constantly being told how to make their eyes look bigger if they're small or how to make their lips look more plump if they're thin, Carmindy takes a different approach and starts with feeling beautiful before we put anything on. She addresses how to conquer negative self-talk and criticism, and puts her arm around you as you discover your inner beauty, find your "feature focus," and enhance what your unique beauty, rather than teaching you how to compensate for what you don't have. 
Her tips and instructions are concise, specific, and practical. You don't need an hour to get ready each morning or a separate budget line for pricey products.
If you don't have the book yet, here's a tip that I'll pass along. Create a mirror mantra for yourself. This is a short saying that you can repeat to yourself anytime that those negative, self-loathing vibes make their way into your bathroom, compact, or mind. It sets your thoughts straight and enables you to focus on what's true, rather than the lies you tell yourself or the demeaning comments that anyone else has dared to make about your beauty or worth. 
Try it out. Write it on a card and tape it on your bathroom mirror or use some dry erase or window markers. And don't stop at one, have a mantra for each day of the week or for the morning and evening. Start living knowing that your uniqueness is rare and beautiful, and it's going to radiate from the inside out.
So...what's your mirror mantra?

 -Megan's Mirror Mantra #4 - 
"Good morning gorgeous! Open up those beautiful peepers and look at the new day. Remember that you're fearfully and wonderfully made."

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