Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Alive, Radiant, & Free?

Living, actually living, fully and freely in a way that reflects Christ's lovingkindness and proclaims His excellencies. 
You know those moments in your life? They are rare but powerful, and they remain in your memory as a crystal clear snapshot. Maybe for you it was a time that you felt especially close to God or maybe you can remember the day you first traveled to a far away place or maybe it is one of those milestone markers in life - when you got your first car, had your first child, or finally realized, "This is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with!"
Well, my first child, Elliot, was born this last September. What an unexpected JOY and DELIGHT! And I realized that Evan Gilmore was the person I wanted to share the rest of my life with almost five years ago while my mom was having unexpected open heart surgery.
For me, another of these moments came when I was a junior in high school. I had just experienced the most physically grueling four days of my life, in which I (and sixteen team mates) backpacked, canoed and portaged all over the Canadian wilderness that is - Algonquin Provential Park. On the fifth day, we were challenged to spend over seven hours completely alone. In the middle of the day, sitting in the middle of a boulder on the edge of a small island, in the middle of a lake, in the middle of Canada - it happened. My mind can instantly recount the details of those short moments with extreme clarity. And from those few moments, I realized the majesty of God's creation and the great extent to which he will go and has gone to express his love and reveal his truth to us! I knew that my mission in life was to help other people see his truth in creation and his love in me. 
With that said, the metamorphosis of loving like God loves and discovering his truth in order to proclaim it in various methods and forms is going to be a personal life-long process and not a change that takes place in a matter of a few moments of intense transformation. 
This blog is a small effort to incorporate you on this journey....if you choose to come along! I hope that it can be small rest stop as you peruse the "wide wide world of web" (as my husband jokingly calls it), where you can find encouragement, hope, fun, and truth that helps you feel a little more alive, radiant, and free!


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