Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seriously Now?!

So...every once in awhile (actually, very frequently) I have to stop and say, "Seriously Now?!" because something utterly ridiculous happens to me, my husband, or us Gilmores in general. I've decided that with this new blogging adventure, I should probably have some signature entries. One of these is going to be my weekly "Seriously Now?!" post. Here's week #1:
We live in a very interesting neighborhood. When we first moved here we were surrounded by a girl that was never around on the left and a lovely family with a little girl and boy on the right. Since then (almost a year ago), the population of people around our apartment has completely changed. It is hilarious to us that, not just the apartment complex, but only our SIDE of the apartment complex has wild, unsupervised kids running around with SuperSoakers and tackling each other in our yard. A new neighbor moved in on our left, and she is delightful. Evan was shocked when he met her and said she was actually normal. We were getting high hopes that maybe the tide was starting to turn and with the shifting seasons our side of the apartment complex might now start to be flooded with flowers, loving parents, sunshine, and children skipping to and fro. Then it reality check! A knock came at my door today and I opened it to a large black man with dreadlocks and a White Sox t-shirt. 
"Hey!" "Hey. We're moving and my mama wants to know if you want her plant." (Mind you, I have never met this guy or his mama in my life.) "Oh! Well what kind of plant is it?" "It's about as big as that one you've got there. It's kind of Asian lookin'." "Wow! That sounds great. We've actually been looking for a plant like that." "Cool. I'll go get it." "Thanks!"
He got it. He brought it to my porch in the rain. What a nice guy. I brought it in my house. It smelled like marijuana. I put it back out on my porch. 
Seriously Now?!?!

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Heather & Nathan said...

This is seriously funny! I bet it is marijuanna! A little part time job for Evan...


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