Friday, May 8, 2009

Free KFC! - Seriously Now?!

So I'm sure by now you've all heard that Oprah gave away a free KFC lunch to "everyone in America" (or something like that). You can go to this website and print out coupons for a free 2 piece grilled chicken with two individual sides and a biscuit. Upon first thought I was like, "Wow Oprah! How cool. I'm going to go get me some chicken!" 
The coupon is good until May 16th, so naturally I thought I had some time to plan my free lunch for the best day. Well, that was the wrong thought. My husband went out and got his as soon as he heard about it yesterday (we're different that way).  So many people have gone in to redeem their Free KFC Grilled Chicken lunches that riots have started, lines have formed out to streets, and more. 
Now most KFCs are no longer redeeming the free lunch coupons (three days after they were released). WHY?! Well, the KFC lady employee says that if they were to fulfill all the coupons that are coming in all the chickens IN THE WORLD would be dead. You heard me right....there would be no more chickens.....anywhere. PETA activist Oprah Winfrey just strategized a worldwide chicken massacre. Yep!.....Appauling isn't?! 
Thank goodness the KFC administrators are on top of things! The KFC president released a statement saying apologizing that they cannot redeem all the coupons at this time (check it out!), but you can get a raincheck. The redemption timeslots for the rainchecks will vary, but this will give the chickens enough time to breed and reproduce. To thank their customers for waiting KFC is also throwing in a free Pepsi.


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