Thursday, May 21, 2009

Super Cook to the Rescue don't really have time to run to the store or you have two days left before payday or you're just about to leave on vacation and don't to buy anything that will go bad while you're away. BUT you just can't seem to figure out how any of the random ingredients in your kitchen could possibly go together to make something tasty (and stone soup is just not an option for your family).
Never fear! Super Cook is here! That's right. Finally, the website we've all been waiting for. Just go to and enter the ingredients that you have. They will do a search of their own website as well as all the other major recipe websites out there and give you a list of recipes that you can make with the ingredients that you have. You can even create your own account and keep a running list of all the items in your kitchen to see what fun recipes you might want to try next.
(Thanks to Ev for finding this for us!)

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Heather & Nathan said...

Amazing!! I'm stealing this!


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