Friday, May 8, 2009

"Sand" Tray

When Elliot was about 2 months old I told Evan that we were going to get him a sand and water tray to keep in his room when he was about a year old. He protested because he thought it would be a mess, but I told him that he needed to read some literature about sand play and sand therapy with young children before we could come to some sort of compromise.
Well, this is the first week for Elliot without a bathseat or anything else restricting him during bath time and he LOVES playing in the water with toys and bubbles and everything. So I thought that maybe it was time to introduce some other things to play with. I've seen some people make mini-"sand" trays for their babies with dry oatmeal because you can easily vacuum it up, but we have a plethera of wheat berries and I thought that would work just as well. So we took two shallow tupperware containers and filled one with water and one with wheat berries and he loved playing with it. I also gave him a measuring cup and taught him how to fill it up and dump it out, which he was trying to do. Then he just started picking up handfuls of this wheat and dropping it into the water tray. What a smart kid! I just love him. Above are some pics from our play adventure.
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Heather & Nathan said...

I love that! I bet he has a great time.

iwukayla said...

I bought a sand and water table he can come play with it! It even has gears and whatnot.


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