Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cliffnotes!...For Heather

So...for my avid blog followers, I apologize for the delay in an update. My dear friend Heather has brought it to my attention that I need to make another entry, and she's right! :)
However, I don't have much time at the momentand since I haven't posted in so long there is a lot to say, so I thought I'd make you some cliff notes, rather than writing everything out in my typically descriptive manner.
  • My son is hilarious! He has been hanging out with Lillian Weaver and now he scrunches his nose up like her. He has also started talking with his mouth closed, singing in the car, and giving beautiful little kisses (that he initiates!)
  • My husband is starting a job as with the U.S. Census. His fingerprints were denied by the FBI!
  • I am going the Vera Bradley Outlet sale on Saturday.
  • My house is a wreck and I'm so excited about SPRING CLEANING next week, since I won't be working.
  • I'm thinking about starting a bookclub (per Kayla's prompting) for some of the lovely ladies in Fort Wayne. 
  • I love my job, but I hate that my lack of experience and youth is constantly an issue.
  • My parents are amazing. We honored them for 14 years of service and leadership to TACHE on Tuesday night. It was beautiful....They're probably going to Scotland soon.
  • My family and I started geocaching as a pretend agency called the Secret Three (we have secret agent names to, but you can't know what they are....because they're secret)
  • Evan lovingly downloaded a game for my computer where I create and manage a spa with all-natural ingredients....I'm addicted to SPA MAGIC!
  • I really like some of the LUSH cosmetics.
  • Saving your family $300 with two phone calls is quite a rush!
  • I'm going to go to a cool vegetable stand and see if I can get anything good this afternoon.
  • AND LAST...we planted wildflower seeds and THEY ARE SPROUTING!!! :)
Thanks for reading! I'm post more tonight.


Heather & Nathan said...

Thank you for the update! I am also excited about the Vera Bradely sale. I would LOVE to be a part of your book club!! I think Lush is also amazing. Did you switch to Geico to save $300?
And I need to come see your wild flower and hilarious son!

Smith Beings said...

Did she save $300 by switching to GEICO? No, she's to young and inexperienced to know how to do that.

Megan Gilmore said...

Who's too young and inexperienced? Whether it's me or Heather you speak of, obviously you know not of our thrifty-money-saving expertise.

Heather & Nathan said...

Actually, we're quite the experts on lots of things!


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