Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter and Eggs

I love holidays! More specifically, I love celebrating holidays with traditions. So I'm generally not one that digs around looking to see if the origins of Christmas trees or Easter eggs or fireworks or valentines are pagan or Christian. I understand why other people do, and I actually respect their fact finding mission and appreciate the information that is found and the understanding that is then added to my concept of that tradition or holiday. That being said, Easter was this last weekend (or Passover or Resurrection Sunday, whichever label soothes your conscience more). And it was AWESOME!

For those of you that don't know, the Gilmore family Christmas this year was....well....let's just say not nearly what I had hoped for or planned. So Easter was kind of our first holiday as a family with Elliot that we were able to start our own traditions like I wanted and spend time together as a family on adventures and celebrating Christ's sacrifice and victory over sin, shame, and death!

Elliot and I had a little sunrise service with a candle that we blew out when Jesus died and lit again when he rose from the dead, then we all went to church at The Chapel (for probably the last time), then we came home and had Easter dinner and a little Easter egg hunt for Elliot in our living room (HILARIOUS!).
Then we did Easter baskets, and finally we went on a fantastic geocaching adventure around Fort Wayne and found a great playground. After Elliot went to bed Ev and I colored some eggs. Some speed-cleaning and a late night run to the drugstore made the festivities complete!

I am so grateful for my family and friends and for God's gracious provision for us during these tough times. As we continue to try to live our lives with simplicity and contentment, He continues to increase our love and joy! PRAISE THE LORD! Jesus Christ is Risen! (...He is risen indeed! :)


Phylee said...

Megan, he's so beautiful and sweet! And funny! I'm so glad you started this blog. You are such a good mom, friend...and just an all-around good lady :) LOVED the video.

Eccletsia said...

I love how he can't decide which egg to get. And that you guys got him an R2D2. You guys rock.


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