Saturday, February 6, 2010

COOL New Whole, Organic Foods website!

Y'all need to check out "Gnowfglins". A webite/blog about using God's natural, organic, whole foods that are grown locally and in season. Lots of tips on whole grains, soaking, sprouting, kefir and all that good stuff.


Gail said...

Hi Megan~

I left a comment on a previous post, but I don't think you ever saw it.

Thought you might also like to see these blogs:

We are enjoying catching up with you and your beautiful family through your blog! :-)

Fondly, Gail S. (in Ohio)

Megan Gilmore said...

Thanks Gail! I just heard from someone else about the nourishing cook this week! I'll have to check it out.

Gail said...


I just remembered today that you can watch three 9-10 minute segments of the Nourishing Traditional Diets video on youtube. Search for Sally Fallon.

I would be thrilled to loan you my video (it's over 5 hours long). Have your mom send me your address and I'll pop it into the mail to you! I used it for Health class for my kiddos.

love, Gail

Megan Gilmore said...

very cool. If you want to, my email is You can send me an email and then I can send you my address without posting it publicly on here.


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