Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Valentine & Naturally Free

It's Wednesday night and I'm just now blogging about this weekend....crazy! Anyway, I had an amazing weekend with my Valentine. It's been six years since we started courting and it has been a fantastic journey. I love him more than ever and I can't wait to see what the next six years have for us and our little family. For Valentines Day we were able to go get my ring...YAY! Then he got me roses, a card, made me a really great dinner, and then we went to see a movie together while Elliot and Aunt Sarah had a date. 
I also started taking some little small business courses online this weekend to teach me how to write a business and marketing plan. Why? Because, I'm going to start stocking up some inventory and selling Naturally Free products. I'll have an online store and website up soon, but I thought some of you would be excited to hear about it! My sister Sarah is going to be my business partner...her specialty is all natural candles. :) If any of you actually know about starting a small business or are good graphics or web designers and would love to help a girl out for free...I could definitely use your help.
SO...I hope your weekend (though it seems far off now) was just as love-filled as ours! And that you were able to ponder how you can slow down for the season of Lent this Ash Wednesday.


Heather & Nathan said...

I am very excited for your new business!! I want to be one of your first customers.

rhonda said...

You know I will be buying from you. Even though I am a tough customer. Thank you for helping me on my never ending journey :).
Love You,
Aunt Rhonda


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