Monday, February 8, 2010

The Flab Off - Confessions of Week One

With the best of intentions, we started the Flab-Off one week ago, and while neither of us exercised 20 minutes a day and we only got 7 hours of sleep about half the nights. We DID stick to our diet and drink our Sassy water each day!!!
Ev's been having headaches from caffeine and carb withdrawal, but we're loving our meals and snacks, and I can tell a difference in my skin and energy level just from the increased water intake. 
So this week, my goal is to workout every other day...on top of the diet and water and sleep. We're trying to change habits here so there's still a lot that needs to be done. 
At our weekly weigh-in tonight, we found that in the last week Elliot has gained .5 pounds, I have gained 1 pound, but Evan has lost 11.5 pounds! How awesome is that?! I'm so proud! The Biggest Loser is now following him on Twitter....hilarious!
On another note, the Colts lost the superbowl! :( Sad. It's supposed to snow a ton more tomorrow. And I'm made some new soap this weekend and ordered kefir starter too! :) Crazy stuff happening at the Gilmores. :)

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Lynette said...

we obviously need to talk more - seeing as i have kefir in my fridge and i could have given you some of my grains (thanks to my sister!)


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