Thursday, October 8, 2009

Late Night Ramblings with a Brownie

Tonight was the Leadership Convocation at IWU! It was a lovely night with guest speakers, awards, food and fellowship. I am now sitting at home, my boys are in bed, and I'm eating a brownie. Why am I still up? Because though I am incredibly tired. My brain will not turn off. I keep thinking about the power of belief and inspiration and how it can both empower and destroy. And what is the difference between "inspired annoyance" and plain old discontentment? And it's really nice that my husband cleaned up the house today and sent me an encouraging text message. And what is it about people in positions of leadership and addictive behavior? Whether process or chemical, it seems that all people of great influence struggle with one or another. Thoughts anyone?

Here's a pretty picture for you! :) ... It's a cloud.

Happy birthday to my little brother!!! I love you Will!

My brownie is gone. Good night all!

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