Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's the deal?!

I tried but I couldn't find a good picture. I've been trying to tell myself to drink more fluids....specifically water. I was getting to the end of the day a few weeks ago and realizing that I had consumed about 12 oz of fluid. And that fluid was typically a pumpkin spice latte or sticky bun chai, not water. Gross, I know!
So, I've been taking my big water bottle with me to work and trying to drink it, plus I have numerous meetings with students at McConn so I've been trying to drink good fluids there too. 
I am now sitting at my desk with a Nalgene bottle of water, a 24 oz. cherry vanilla ice tea, and a 32 oz cherry coke from Meijer. WHAT?! I must tell you though, the Nalgene bottle is 3/4 gone, I've taken about 4 sips from the tea, and I'm just starting on the coke. Here's my problem, I struggle doing things correctly...any body else have that problem? I could elaborate, but that's pretty much the main point. AND...my office is like the spoke on a wheel (the center is the spoke right?). I spend a good deal of time here, but then I go to McConn and get something and come back and then I go to my car and get something and come back and then I go to Meijer and get something and come back. Hmmmm....
Anyone need a drink?

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