Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Housing - Take 2

We were able to walk through three houses yesterday, while all of them had different pros and cons. The one that we like best - feel safest, most comfortable and meets our personal needs - is the one in Upland that I posted pictures of last week. We also visited a nice house on the east side of Marion, that would be a fine second choice if the Upland house doesn't go through.
With the house in Upland though, we need to have everything signed and taken care of as far as the deposit goes by the third week in July. This I find hilarious...because that is three weeks away! And I go back to work next week. So I'll be doing a lot through the rest of this week to get some things packed up and then we'll start patching up walls and those sorts of things here.
To my incredible supportive family and friends -- I love you! Thank you so much for the irreplaceable role that each of you play in my life!

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