Saturday, June 27, 2009


It has been a wonderful yet crazy couple of days. First, I had a lovely birthday with a breakfast made by my awesome husband, he got me my cartilage piercing as a gift, which as of yet is still in tip top shape. Then Elliot and I headed out to drive about five miles in my car, which would not accelerate out of 1st gear, so we turned around after about 500 ft and came home. Kayla picked us up and we headed out on a wild goose chase to find The Peony Tea House. I am always excited about trying a new tea place, but a little tentative because I'm not sure if it will meet my expectations. This one was beautiful with good food, good price, and great service. I still don't think we'll ever find anything to top Aunt Sue's, but the different experiences are so much fun and give me lots of different ideas.
Then Elliot and I came home. I did some surfing on Amazon and found some really cool fabrics, while he napped. Then we went out to dinner at Panera with the Heironimi and Joe, followed by an impromptu gift card shopping spree! :)
Yesterday was Gearfest! Ev is selling some gear there and managed to pick up a cool VOX guitar amp with some of the money he made. I hadn't been there for over six months, so it was interesting to go back in and see how things had changed. Sarah came over then for a quick chat about coffeehouse design, followed by a frenzied run through Menards to collect inspiring samples of wallpaper, paint, and tile. After this, Heather and I headed out to the mall, where I was able to get in a little early Christmas shopping (if you haven't been out shopping lately, because you're trying to save money and convince yourself that you don't really "need" anything - like me, head out just to see if you can get some Christmas stuff, because EVERYTHING is on sale for super cheap right now). We then grabbed some dinner with Joe and the Heironimi and headed back to our place for some stimulating conversation about....dreams, panic attacks, and vegetables.
Elliot and Ev are both coughing up their lungs, and today Ev heads back to Gearfest, while Elliot and I run to Elwood and Upland to help move and install Mimi's surprised $50 washer/dryer find for the new house. (Thanks Mimi!)
So there's the news. Crazy, yet wonderful!

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