Wednesday, June 17, 2009


During Evan and I's two years as a married couple, it seems that there has not been any time where we have not been in any sort of major transition as a couple. Be it switching jobs, moving, having a baby, getting a dog, finding a church - there seems to be no end to this infinite cycle of change. Maybe it is naive of me, but I do like routine, predictability, and order. Despite this assault to my personal preferences, our life together has been filled with blessings and there seems to be joy in all the transitions, whether they present themselves as trials or exciting adventures.As a couple, these transitions have forged an even stronger bond between us, and personally it causes me to realize continuously that God is so gracious and loving to me. He grants wisdom, peace, and provision at ever turn, and I treasure the fact that I can be in an eternal relationship with Him.
So, within the past month, I have been offered a job and turned it down, Evan has been offered a job and accepted it, Elliot has begun crawling and standing, and people that we care deeply about have been wading through some rough emotional times, while others are continuing to struggle physically.
Now we look toward another move in the not too distant future! Here's the house that is at the top of our list right now. It is in Upland, and we're excited to be visiting it today. :)

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Heather & Nathan said...

The house is really cute! I hope you love it!


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