Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Festive Fun-Filled Fourth!

Amidst the drizzle yesterday, we had a great time! Beth and Evan worked on laying down some tracks for her demo in the morning and then we headed out in our red, white and blue to the festivities at the Smith Ranch.
We had a lovely cookout with family and friends, and after calling the Fire Department to make sure that the horrible rumors about postponing fireworks were indeed false, we headed into town to take our traditional spot in the high school parking lot and watch the fireworks. Elliot wasn't quite sure about them, as you can see from his facial expressions on the bottom left.
Then back to the Ranch for more fireworks and Patriot Pops - YUM! (Thanks to Amy at TheIdeaRoom for the recipe - we used Dixie Cups and Toothpicks, because I don't have those cool tupperware freezer pop things. Check out her creative fourth of July treats here)
Also, even though you can't see it well in any of these pics, I made my headband from the tutorial on UCreate --> Here!
Today we stopped by Upland to drop off some boxes and were able to meet one of Ev's new co-workers and his wife, which was lovely. Now we're back home, doing laundry and gearing up for another big week.

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