Sunday, July 12, 2009

Seriously Now?!

We went boating on Winona Lake this weekend....SO FUN! We went tubing as well. I went tubing on a couple runs by myself and then on a couple runs with Emily. I had never gone with two people before and that was a blast too. Here's the thing, I woke up this morning, after being thrown around the lake yesterday like skipping stone, pulled myself out of bed after a pretty restful night (Elliot slept for over 11.5 hours!), and then came the problem. You see, I thought that I could still walk normally, like I could about seven hours earlier when I lumbered into bed. I also thought that I would be able to take a shower and raise my hands enough above my head to wash my hair without my body telling me that was a bad idea. I was REALLY sore.
Seriously now?! I'm 25, not in bad shape. Plus, I carry a loveable 20+ pound weight with me just about everywhere. What is the deal?!
So, I decided my body and I were going to have a discussion! This was ridiculous! I felt like an old, OLD woman. I'm not saying I felt like woman past middle-age with some gray hair and carpel tunnel. I'm saying I felt like I had the range of motion of shuffling, walker-toting woman. C'mon Body! What's going on? Seriously now?!
So here's how the discussion went (mind you, I was pretty sure from the get go that I was going to win):

Me: Ugh! What in the world?! C'mon!
Body: (remains silent, except for the slight cracking in my shoulder)
Me: Okay, we're going to talk. I am 25 years old and should not be having problems like this. I feel really old!
Body: Really?
Me: Yes! And in case you didn't notice, I'm not old. I'm young.
Body: just let me tell you what I'm hearing. You think that I should be able to go through 25 years of germs, illnesses, accidents, injuries, and surgeries. Then I have a baby, you don't exercise me regularly, and you give me an average of 6 hours of sleep a night. THEN! You fling me around a lake on a tube at the end of a rope and beat me against the water. You don't want to feel any of that right?
Me: (sheepishly) I'm sorry Body.
Body: C'mon! Seriously now?!
Me: (remains silent, except for the slight cracking in my ankle)

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Sarah said...

LOL! "I'm sorry, Body..."


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