Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Freebie - Deodorant Orders!

Okay, this might sound weird but ever since I posted that I was making my own deodorant, I've had a lot of people respond that they would like to try it. So...I'm going to order a bunch of containers and make a bunch! :)
Let me know if you'd like to try it. Just comment and leave me way to contact you so I can figure out the best way to ship it or drop it off. It might take me a couple weeks but I will get it to you.
Also, let me know if you'd like the unscented or scented. I would suggest the scented....because it smells great and the essential oils I use help keep bacteria, viruses, and fungi at bay, but I know some people are very sensitive to different smells.
I'll let you know when I have some other "NATURALLY FREE" products for you to try


Heather & Nathan said...

Okay, sign me up. But know that I'll a little nervous to put aside my Dove.

Megan Gilmore said...

I was a Dove fan too before this :)

Sarah said...



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