Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seriously Now?!

So we just moved in...wait, we're in the process of moving into our new home in Upland. Exciting stuff. Among the things that I'm excited about are the fenced in back yard, the sun room, all the natural light pouring into my kitchen, the glass top stove and the lovely pull out sprayer faucet. Ev just installed a programmable thermostat as well. So when he's home it can be cold as ice, and when he's not we can save on our electricity bill. AWEsome!!!
Our first night here, Elliot and I waited anxiously for Ev to get back from Chicago to surprise him with the move. My son crawled into the bathroom, looked at the tub, squealed and pulled himself up on it, looking at me with a big smile. At this point, I realized that Elliot had not had a real bath in about two days. I had washed him down before bed each night, but this messy little boy needed a bath. I was thinking, "Okay, Elliot. We'll have a bath before you go to bed." Like we normally do (routine includes: bath, massage, turning on music, dancing, reading a book, having a bottle, going to sleep). So I said, "Okay, buddy. We'll take a bath but come on out here for now." He scowled at me, threw himself over the side of the tub and started beating on it with both hands, yelling "BAAAAA!" Wow! Seriously?! That's hilarious!
I start to panic though because we don't have a plug for the drain, so I pick him and tell him that he can have a bath we just need to find something to plug up the drain. As soon as we walk out of the bathroom he starts to cry, there are boxes everywhere, and I don't know what to do. Finally, I find the sticky plastic that was laid down on the carpet for our move. I cut a piece of that off, stick it over the drain, run him a bath, throw in a bath bomb and some toys, and he is just happy as a little lark. I kid you not! As I'm running this bath, he is trying to jump over the side with his clothes on, which is just funny, cause he can't jump yet. As soon as I sit him in the water, he lets out this big sigh and starts singing to his toys.
Now at this point you might be thinking, "Wow, Megan. That's a cute story, but is it really deserving of the "Seriously Now?!" title?"
Oh yeah, just one more thing. The next day, I walked into the bathroom, looked at the tub and realized I just had to flip the little "drain switch" on the tub. No plug required! ----------> Seriously now?!?! That's ridiculous!


Heather & Nathan said...

Very inventive! A+ for you!

Bethany said...

I love it that he sings to his toys.


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