Friday, July 17, 2009

U-Pick Season!

Time to get out there and pick your own fresh fruits and veggies! We went out and picked some fresh blueberries yesterday, and Elliot had a blast, especially when he found a car battery in the middle of the field. SERIOUSLY?! Who does that?! After we moved down a few rows from that hazard, he had fun picking blueberries and definitely decided that the blue ones were better for eating than the green ones!
I'll be getting some more herbs today. The pesto that I posted the recipe for was fantastic! I mixed it with a little Laughing Cow cheese, spread it on some bread, and topped the sandwich off with some cucumbers. SO good!
We've missed the strawberry picking season. But right now, you can do blueberries, green beans, herbs, etc. And we still have raspberries and lots of veggies still to come!
I'm picking up some Kohlrabi from my CSA today. First time to even HEAR of that, but I'm excited to see what we can do with it.


Heather & Nathan said...

Ewwww... Kohlrabi is gross! Nathan's grandpa had me try it once and I hated it. Very bitter.

Heather & Nathan said...

I think you can still pick strawberries at Hilgers


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