Friday, July 17, 2009

For the Tea Lover

To my fellow tea lovers. I have a couple of resources for you to try. First, have you ever tried making your tea in a French Press? If not, join me on this adventure. A new co-worker told me about how she makes hers and I think it's a fantastic way to brew your loose-leaf tea without having to worry about getting the right/best/most economical/most environmentally friendly tea bags.
Also, I have two websites for you to try. If you're a creative, artsy type, try out Teavana. You'll learn a lot about different types of teas, and you can even mix up your own. If you're more of an organic, earthy type try out Mountain Rose Herbs. They have lots of different loose leaf teas with information on the health benefits of each. I think you might be able to put together a little sampler pack there as well.

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