Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Nutriously-Minded Son

I'm sitting here eating a casual dinner at our kitchen table. Elliot is on dinner #2, because he wasn't really very interested in dinner #1. They consist of the same things- milk, grapes, green beans, whole wheat crackers, and some raspberry yogurt. The only thing he wanted to eat during dinner #1 was the yogurt and a cracker. Then it was off to play and read and dance. Now we're back, his chair is turned so we're facing each other. The kitchen table has various non-food related household items on it. You know, books, a purse, mail, and a bright pink water-squirting fish. Oh yes, and one food related item, just within Elliot's grasp. A bag of chips.
He's finishing up dinner #2 - the crackers are gone, the grapes are gone, he's working on the milk, and he's eaten one...yes one, green bean. He sees the chips (which we do not let him eat), looks at me, looks at the chips, reaches for the chips, looks at me, picks up the chips, dumps them out on the table, looks at me, stops...sighs...picks up a green bean, looks at me, smiles, takes the green bean off his high chair tray, puts it on the table, and trades it for a chip. I'm guessing in his mind he figures this is a fair trade. Because he does the same thing four more times. And I just sit here and stare at him.....He thinks I'm hilarious.

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