Monday, September 21, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

We had a great weekend! Friday I picked our things up from Victory Acres and ran home to see Sarah and the boys. We had a lovely night playing and watching shows.
Then the next morning we headed up to Fort Wayne to pick up our new family pictures!!! They turned out great and Elliot's 1 year shots are just superb! We then picked up some lunch and a balloon at Chick-fil-a and headed out to the Johnny Appleseed Festival. This was our first time going and it will definitely have to be a family tradition. They had tons of fun activities for kids (which will be great when Elliot gets a little older), lots of good food, and people all dressed up. There were girls clogging and old men telling stories and lots of apples!
There were some great vendors too. I was excited to see Simple Soapworks there. Their soap is simply aMAZing! We got the Citrus Splash, Sandalwood Vanilla, and they have a Pet Bar for dogs. Sweet!
There was also a farmers market area (this was my favorite! Heather said it would be and she was SO right!). We got apple butter, honey crisp apples, honey, big twirly sticks to decorate the house with and potpourri. It was a beautiful day and oh-so-fallish, and we had a wonderful time hanging with the Heironimi. We then went to Menards to get some essentials (toilet seats, air vent registers, lamp shades, etc.), and then headed home to pick up a few things before going to my parent's to visit with them and Joe.....Let's just say we all laughed so hard at my mom that our guts felt like they were going to explode. Seriously! She is a funny woman!
Sunday we stayed home and worked on the house and actually tried to get some rest. Then we went as a family to Payne's for some dessert (frozen custard and bread pudding...yum!).
Now we're back into the swing of things at work....kinda (I mean, it was a pretty dreary Monday swinging can you get?). I'm excited to tell you some things this week, but right now I'm off to watch a show with the hubby and get to bed.

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