Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Worms & Weeds

Elliot helping me weed! I just had to stop and watch...he's so sweet!

I finally got my Red Wigglers yesterday! Woohoo! Who knew someone could get so excited about worms?! The funny thing is Red Wigglers are really popular fishing bait (so my hubs tells me) but I couldn't find them. I checked three different bait places. But then, guess where they were? Yes, that's right. 1/2 mile from my house in lil' ol' Upland. At the BP gas station there's a little fridge in the back with like 10-12 different kinds of live bait. (Seriously now?!) So I bought my little guys and excitedly brought them home with a rake and a weed eater/trimmer. I finished off my DIY Worm Composter, and Elliot and I weeded and raked while Ev mowed and trimmed. Our yard looks very nice and we LOVE being outside!!! It's so nice to actually have a space that we can be outside and that Elliot can safely crawl and stand around.
Below is a picture of the worms...just because I'm proud. However, I know some of you are squeemish (I actually was pretty jumpy opening the little containers of worms myself. I don't know how I'm ever going to separate them from the compost!), so I waited to put it at the end. You can choose to look if you'd like.

See...It's not that bad! :)

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