Wednesday, August 12, 2009

11 Months

Elliot is 11 months old today. I am so enjoying watching him learn and grow. He's communicating so much in his own little ways. He says mama, dada, dog, and hi pretty regularly. He's standing by himself and squatting down to pick things up.
He can now tell us what he wants for the most part, which is interesting, because he can't always have what he wants and so we've seen some of his first little temper tantrums this month. (They make Evan and I look at each other and wonder what has possessed our child.) He likes to open and close things, take things out and put things in. He loves baths and Baby Einstein and books and dancing.
He has also started playing with Rory...can we say, "adorable?!" It is really a beautiful thing to see him try to throw a tennis ball, watch Rory run after it and bring it back. Elliot will waggle his little bottom crawling vigorously as he tries to keep up with her.
I'm getting a sand and water table today from Kayla and I'm so excited to see him playing with it!!! Happy 11 Months, Elliot!

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Bethany said...

Mom put in a scheduling e-mail to make sure to clear the evening of Elliot's birthday to have cake and stuff and I thought, "Well, duh, we'll have to be there for...WAIT! Elliot's birthday?!" He's getting so big!


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