Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lavender, Rosemary, & Butterfly Kisses

We in the field of education are about to enter into a time of joy and terror! We had a meeting today at work, analyzing our services and how our underlying philosophy should be reflected in each. After starting a discussion about the need to maximize certain opportunities, some in our group became indifferent to this option of "thriving." Why? Because during the fall semester, we at the Center for Life Calling & Leadership are often joyfully stretched to a point that frankly, should just not happen. So we resign ourselves to this each year, and say that we will "survive" through the fall semester and then start our other work again in the spring.
I think this year I would like to take the opportunity (with a bit of necessary preparation) to assess how to successfully maximize resources and efforts and thrive in the fall semester like we never have before. In our continuing discussion on thriving in the work room after our meeting, my friend Jill commented that we would thriving amongst lavender, rosemary, and butterfly kisses.....I must admit - this does not seem utterly ridiculous to me! :)
I don't want to be bound by the fall semesters of the past. And I am not so naive, as to think that this semester will be any easier; however, I do feel that it can be different. So I'll bring in some lavender to calm, some rosemary to evoke confidence, and send out the appropriate equivalent of butterfly kisses to my co-workers in hopes of encouraging them to get beyond survival as well.

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