Thursday, August 27, 2009

Semper Fi...Wait! No, SIMPLIFY!

Yes...I said it. Simplify. Can we really be happy with less? Oh-my-goodness! You'll experience a whole new meaning to being "free."
Now, I know there are a lot of websites out there with tips on how to do this, and I am by no means an expert, but I am in the midst of trying to get rid of the junk (and the debt) and strive for a semblence of sustainability. So I'll just share some things that I'm learning with you in the coming days. Here's the first one:

Purge your closets & cabinets!
(I know it sounds scary)

Here's the thing. Well organized closets can make your life so much easier. This might take a little more than a day, so work on it over time. But decide what the function for each space is going to be, and use it for that. I'm working on this. So far, I've mentally labeled all of our closets and I'm working on the cabinets.

Let's start with the simple things medicines & toiletries. Just in case you didn't know...these things expire! Yes, crazy I know, but even Neosporin and vitamins. So go through your medicine drawer, cabinet, whatever, and get rid of everything that is past its expiration date.
Then condense. If you have three half-full bottles of Advil, put them all in one. If you have three full bottles of Advil, just keep one in the medicine drawer, cabinet, whatever, and create a space with the function of "stockpiling."
"But Megan, you mentioned toiletries too?!" Yes I did! If you have a bottle of ANYTHING be it shampoo, lotion, perfume, and you have not used it for 6 months...TOSS IT! Some of us (I sheepishly raise my hand) have shampoo bottles with about 1/2 inch of shampoo in the bottom, have moved on to another brand, and still have not thrown the thing away. Throw it away! Do it! I mean, really chuck'll start smiling right away. :)
Okay, here's the thing about make-up. It's expensive, and we all have that sapphire blue eyeshadow that we bought for some crazy event....two years ago (or more). Here are the expiration dates on make-up (according to Carmindy...don't you just love her?), stick to these so your not smearing bacteria all over your face.
  • Foundation: 1 year
  • Concealer: 1 year
  • Face powder: 1 year
  • Bronzer or blush (cream or powder): 1 year
  • Mascara: 6 months (scary huh?)
  • Eyeliner: 2 years (but sharpen pencils frequently)
  • Liquid eyeliner: 6 months
  • Eye shadow: 1 year
  • Lipstick: 2 years
If you're going through your makeup and you think, "Wait! I've only had this foundation for 9 months", but it looks chunky and smells funny....Chuck know, it can go in right after your shampoo bottle. If you use brushes and sponges for your beauty ritual wash them weekly and replace them monthly (tip: wash them with warm water and shampoo until the water runs clear and then let them air dry).

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