Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm sure most of you know about woot.com. If you don't...well, I won't take the time to mock you publicly, but you should probably check it out. They have several sites that have branched off of this one, such as wine.woot, shirt.woot, & sellout.woot.
I am so excited to announce to you that this is the second week of the existence of kids.woot!!! So for all you parents of young ones out there, check out this site with me. Each day at midnight they post a new deal on some great children's items. Some of them really great and high quality, other are really useless but so fun. They're low-priced and a limited quanitity, so you have to order them within the day that they're listed. The products they've offered in the last week are a leapfrog digj, a thomas the train talking set, disney musical toothbrush holder, a home learning cd set, games, dvd sets, and more.

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