Sunday, August 23, 2009

AND...we're back!

We had a lovely weekend in Metamora! The Hunter Family Reunion continues to astonishingly get better and better each year, and we always love the relaxing charm of the small southern Indiana town of Metamora. I think I had the best espresso EVER at The Smelly Gourmet. I was able to pick up some Grapefruit Essential Oil, a cool magnolia smelling wax bowl from the Lace Place. Some other pretties and plants, and of course, the necessary ice cream from Grannies Ice Cream Parlor and Cookie Jar shop. We also got to spend some much needed time with my familia.
The down side to all of this (if there could be one) is that the Gilmores now have a bunch of tummy aches! The combination of ice cream, pizza, soda, & reunion pitch-in food is just not sitting well since we've been trying to eat healthier at home.
AND...can I just say, I heart-less-than-three-LOVE living in Upland! Our neighbors, that we've been missing like ships passing in the night, came over as soon as we got home with a plum kuchen (a German cake) for us, and they came in and chatted for awhile. We've been blessed with some amazing people that have made us feel so welcome. So if you're one of those...THANK YOU!
On another note, I have two weeks until classes start! You're prayers are greatly appreciated!

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