Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Holiday Inn Express & Soap

I'm at IWU's annual fall faculty retreat up at beautiful Pokagan State Park....kind of. Actually, some of us are staying at the Holiday Inn Express down the road. Here are the perks to staying off site:

1. If you don't want to be participating in the fireside sing-a-long you can say it's because you have to get back to your room (which we have to drive, not walk to).
2. We're right next to a large outlet mall
3. Ummm, yep. That's all I've got

Now some of the drawbacks:

1. You have to drive, not walk, back to your room.
2. This place allows pets....just imagine the possibilities and you're probably right
3. The lobby, the elevator, the hallway, and my room have very distinct odors. Not necessarily completely pleasant or unpleasant, but the kind of thing that makes me stop and mentally shout, "WHAT IS THAT?!" (I should probably start bringing at least a few essential oils and a diffuser everywhere I go)

This weekend has been a balance of perks and drawbacks. I have some friends that were generous enough to let me ride with them up here, and it has been great to just be alone for an evening. However, I miss my boys very much, and I wish they were here.
Speaking of good smelling things! I have a website for you to check out :) Simple Soap Works This lady in southern Indiana makes these herbal soaps and salves (all of them that I've looked at are without glycerin). I've tried two of them so far (thank you Stephanie!) and they're wonderful! Of the two that I've tried, my favorite is the Rosemary Geranium, but there are lots of other options to try and choose from. They're only $3.50 a bar and they last a good long while so try them out! I hope you enjoy it.
I'm off to brunch!

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